Tuesday, 16 October 2012

We build ... then we fight!

Hey guys, so as you may or may not know, we are a wargaming/hobby blog spot where we will talk as soon as possible all there is fun and intriguing about our experiences with the various games.

 We are currently starting to build a regulations size gaming table (6 x 4) and a bunch of beautiful terrain pieces for your enjoyment. We are finalizing our preparation to build the table and we will start the process of actually building the magnificent table. A video of our progress should be posted shortly.

 We have, between my friend and I, six Warhammer 40K armies and four Warhammer Fantasy armies. Most of them are painted and we work daily to make those models even more enjoyable to look at because, really, who like to watch grey models fight each other. We want excitement in our games for our and your enjoyment.

 Distance is a big factor in our content posting as we now reside during school time in two different provinces. But we will try to post as much content as possibly allowed by our restraints in our social, work and school time. But do not worry! We will be as much present and ready to fight those war and to help you make your future strategies decisions for your next big game!

 See you back soon!       

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